September 2nd, 2021

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Get Your Words Out - August!

August definitely made a huge difference for my word count and I ended up writing 36,975 words! It puts my YTD at 47,849. I really, really love the August Fic-A-Day, and not just because it always boosts my word count but because it produces a lot of interesting Buffyverse crossovers.

I should've written at least 100,000 words by September first, or in other words be 2/3's through my Pledge, instead I'm just under 1/3'd  through it. That means I'm 52,151 words behind. There's still a chance I might make it, but it would require me to write an average of about 25,540 words for the next four months. Given how little I've written each month so far this year, that's probably hopeful thinking on my part.

As always, practice social distancing and wash your hands properly and often. We will get through this.

Progress Statistic:
January: 3,100
February: 531
March: 1,158
April: 1,009
May: 3,369
June: 189
July: 1,518
August: 36,975
YtD: 47,849