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The Great List of Fic Recs!

Over the years I've written a whole lot of fic rec lists and out of sheer boredom I've made a list of them and put it into its own post, including which fandoms can be found at each link. As evidenced by the fandoms listed I used to be really into Supernatural fanfiction, but I lost interest in that show years ago and fell into the BtVS fandom, then crossovers of all kinds (still love those). Which was then followed by SG-1, SGA, and for the last couple of years Harry Potter. All that can't been seen by these lists though.

This post was created on December 26th, 2015.

Rec Lists:
50. Multifandom Apocalypse Recs. DW & LJ. BtVS, AtS, BtVS (1992), SGA, SG-1, Night of the Comet, SPN, Charmed, X-Files, Doctor Who, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, V For Vendetta.
49. Thoughtcrimes Recs. DW & LJ. Thoughtcrimes, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis.
48. Fanfic Recs for June 8th, 2010 (Sam is host to either Jolinar or Egeria). LJ. Stargate SG-1.
47. Fanfic Recs for October 11th, 2009. LJ. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, Supernatural, Angel the Series, NCIS.
46. Fic Recs for September 17th, 2009. LJ. Charmed, Harry Potter, BtVS, AtS, SGA, SPN,
45. Fanfic Recs for August 24th, 2009. LJ. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, SG-1, SPN, SGA.
44. Fic Recs for July 17th, 2009. LJ. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural.
43. Fic Recs for March 27th, 2009. LJ. Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, NCIS.
42. Fic Recs for March 14th, 2009. LJ. NCIS, Supernatural, BtVS, Harry Potter, SG-1, Labyrinth, CSI:  Las Vegas, Charmed.
41. Fic Recs for February 25th, 2009. LJ. Supernatural.
40. Fic Recs for February 23rd, 2009. LJ. Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, NCIS.
39. Fic Recs for January 31st, 2009. LJ. Supernatural, Charmed.
38. Fic Recs for January 1st, 2009. LJ. Sabrina the Teenage Witch, SPN, BtVS, AtS, Charmed, Harry Potter, SG-1, SGA, , The Mummy, Highlander.
37. Fic Recs for December 27th, 2008. LJ. SPN, BtVS, The Professional (aka Lèon), SG-1, Heroes.
36. Fic Recs for December 17th, 2008. LJ. SPN, BtVS, CSI:  Las Vegas, Gilmore Girls.
35. Fic Recs for December 14th, 2008. LJ. SPN, The Stand, AtS, BtVS, Bones, Boondock Saints.
34. Fic Recs for December 7th, 2008. LJ. SPN, Gilmore Girls, BtVS, Heroes, X-Files.
33. Recs for November 30th, 2008. LJ. SPN, BtVS, Charmed.
32. Recs for November 28th, 2008. LJ. Supernatural.
31. Fic Recs for November 23rd, 2008. LJ. Supernatural. (/BtVS).
30. Fic Recs for November 12th, 2008. LJ. Supernatural, BtVS, CSI:  New York.
29. Recs for November 3rd, 2008. LJ. Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, NCIS.
28. Recs for October 22nd. LJ. Supernatural, Charmed.
27. Recs for October 13th. LJ. Supernatural.
26. Sept. 29th, 2008. LJ. Supernatural, Heroes, BtVS, AtS.
25. Recs for September 19th. LJ. Supernatural, AtS, BtVS, CSI: Las Vegas, Charmed, Heroes.
24. Recs for September 8th. LJ. Supernatural, X-Men (Movie-verse), Charmed, MacGyver.
23. Recs for September 1st. LJ. Supernatural, Twilight, CSI:  Miami, NCIS.
22. Recs... LJ. Supernatural.
21. Recs. LJ. Supernatural, Prison Break, Homicide: Life on the Streets.
20. Fic Recs. LJ. Supernatural, NCIS, Bones, Highlander, The Pretender, Gilmore Girls.
19. Het and Crossover Recs! LJ. SPN, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break, NCIS, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ghost Whisperer, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, CSI: Miami, Stardust, Eli Stone.
18. Recs with a little bit of everything... LJ. RPF, RPS, SPN, Charmed.
17. Supernatural crossover recs! LJ. SPN, NCIS, Heroes, X-Men movieverse, CSI:  Las Vegas, Gilmore Girls.
16. Het, gen, crack, crossover, and humor recs. LJ. SPN, Heroes, X-Men movieverse,
15. Recs... LJ. SPN, RPF, RPS, Prison Break, Criminal Minds.
14. Recs! LJ. RPF, RPS, X-Men movieverse, Charmed, The Da Vinci Code, Grey's Anatomy.
13. Saturday Morning recs! LJ. Supernatural.
12. Recs, recs, recs, and then some more recs! LJ. Supernatural, Prison Break, The Sentinel, RPF, RPS.
11. Crossover, Wincest, Gen, and Het fanfic recs! LJ. NCIS, Supernatural, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Prison Break.
10. Misc. fanfic recs. LJ. Supernatural, Heroes, RPF, RPS.
09. Sam/Jess, Crossover, Wincest, Gen, Humor and more recs! LJ. Supernatural, Gilmore Girls.
08. Kink, crack and other fic recs! LJ. Supernatural, X-Files.
07. Wincest, Crossover, Het, Gen and Slash Fanfic Recs! LJ. Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, RPF, RPS.
06. Apocalypse, AU and humor fic recs... LJ. Supernatural.
05. More Supernatural fanfic recs! LJ. Supernatural.
04. Crossover and crack fic recs! LJ. Supernatural, Charmed, Ghost Whisperer, Gilmore Girls.
03. Fic recs! LJ. Supernatural.
02. Supernatural crossover recs. LJ. Supernatural, Gilmore Girls.
01. Supernatural fanfic recommendations. LJ. Supernatural.

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