3am (3am_moonlight) wrote,

Get Your Words Out 2020 - November!

November 2020 is officially my worst month as far as writing goes. I wrote a sum total of 1,139 words. Yikes. It brings my total up to 186,711 words so far this year. That means if I'm going to reach my unofficial goal I need to write 13,289 words in December.

It is doable, if my lethargy and writer's block doesn't get in my way. October and November has also been busy with a lot of work, but it looks like that will calm down now, so maybe.

If I up my estimate to 13,500 and then divide it into four weeks, then I need to write 3,375 words per week this month. My average for the first 11 months is almost 17,000 words, so I can do this. I can. I will.

December means that we will also be able to sign up for GYWO 2021 in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm 99% certain I will sign up for 150K again. I originally signed up for 75K this year, but because they allowed everyone to change their pledge half-way through I changed it to 150K. It looks like I'm comfortable with that number, so yeah.

As always, practice social distancing and wash your hands properly and often.

Progress Statistic:
January: 22,087
February: 15,295
March: 24,848
April: 22,244
May: 11,057
June: 12,154
July: 16,656
August: 48,542
September: 6,332
October: 6,266
November: 1,139
YtD: 186,711
Tags: 2020, challenge: 2020 get your words out, community: getyourwordsout

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