3am (3am_moonlight) wrote,

Get Your Words Out - January!

January was not a good month as far as writing goes. I wrote all of 3,100 words, which is an all-time low since I began writing for GYWO. I've written less in a month, but still. It wasn't how I was expecting to start 2021.

According to what I should've written so far (12,500 words), I'm 9,400 words behind. It's going to be difficult to catch up. :(

My writer's block post-AFAD seems to be going strong, but hopefully my muse will be back soon.

As always, practice social distancing and wash your hands properly and often.

Progress Statistic:
January: 3,100
YtD: 3,100
Tags: 2021, challenge: 2021 get your words out, community: getyourwordsout

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